Our Company

Jinan Zhuoda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in beer brewing equipment manufacture for 20 years. The main production are large industrial beer brewing equipment, factory craft beer brewing equipment, hotel and bar beer brewing equipment, teaching lab beer brewing equipment, home beer brewing equipment, wine brewing equipment. We also involved in the beer brewing equipment upgrade project.
We and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and professionals have a profound basis for cooperation, A group of outstanding scientific research and production talents have been training and attracting. That laid the solid foundation for company development.
We will always uphold the craftsman’s spirit and keep improving; we make every product as a art,because in our mind the product and our life both need humanity and resonance.
The company's products have distributed throughout every province, autonomous region and municipality, and exported to over 40 countries and regions, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Georgia, France, Ukraine, Kenya, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, north Korea,etc.
We always keep listen to customer's opinions, conjecture customer's ideas and learn customer's needs. We also try to find inspiration and requirements while we communicating with customers.